SIMPL is the new face of D&R Photo

We decided it was time for a new face for D&R Photo's retail division. Introducing: SIMPL

At D&R, we believe that printed photos are the best photos. We've felt that way since we first opened our doors in 1981. SIMPL is our effort to keep photographic printing alive but make it super accessible, super relevant and as easy as possible in today's digital age.

what we do

The SIMPL product line is built around the new direction of photo printing - Photo Books.  We make a special type of photo book called a lay flat or flush mount photo book. This means that when you open the book, your prints lay completely flat, with no image loss to the center of the book like traditional books. All our printing is photographic to ensure you get the maximum colour and longevity from your images.

We feature a great line up of modern chic albums - with a size & cover style sure to suit anyone's tastes.  Check out our books here now.  All our books are handmade by skilled craftspeople.  Every books is truly a work of art.  Please note that our books take about a week to produce.

Under the SIMPL brand, D&R will continue to offer online ordering of professional quality true photographic prints & a customer favourite: canvas prints. 

Visit our main website here for more information about us.