SIMPL Photo Books

SIMPLfolio is our nod to the upscale note book. Like a moleskin, but with your gorgeous pictures and on a bit of a power trip! Crisp, clean & hip is how we'd describe this one. After designing your album, we'll cover it in a high quality brown kraft cover and wrap the spine in black tape. We can laser engrave this one for a personal touch or you can mark it up to your heart's delight. Perfect for the doodler!

SIMPLlux is for those looking for the best of the best. These albums are wrapped in a lightly padded hard-cover album for a sumptuous look & feel. After designing your album, you choose your favorite synthetic leather and we'll do the rest. Albums can be personalized with laser engraving. The perfect photo book for the do it yourself wedding album or the amatuer photographer.

The SIMPLmod is the starting point for all our SIMPL photo books. After designing your album, you choose from one of our synthetic leather covers, add laser engraving if you want a bit of personal flare and the book will be ready in about a week.

SIMPLpix is for those who like to make a statement! Maximum visual impact for maximum wow. After designing your album, you choose your favorite image for the cover, add some text if you like and we'll do the rest. The sides and back of the album are wrapped in synthetic leather.